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Very pleased!

I've been very pleased with Creative Media Designs! I've been using them for about four years, and they installed the whole house TV and audio system. We also have WiFi throughout the home with two extension adapters.

They work rather efficiently, and they have some great people. They are responsive, and I really appreciate the work they've done!

- Alan D.
Boca Raton, FL

They are a good outfit!

Lee is a very good asset for Creative Media Designs. He knows his stuff and is very personable. We bought a new big screen TV and wanted it floating on the wall with no furniture around. Creative Media suggested we put all the technology in the bedroom so we could achieve this look. There is not a wire hanging out of the TV and everything operates by remote.

A lot of people don't know their stuff when it comes to technology but Lee is a really smart guy and didn't make us feel stupid. A couple of days later after using the technology I had a question and emailed Lee. He answered within ten minutes and offered to come over to help. I can't say enough good things about him!

- Rich P.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Excellent Experience with Creative Media Designs

Creative Media Designs is extremely professional. Jim takes the time to answer all my questions and detail what is possible in home entertainment. When I experienced an issue with my Marantz AV receiver, Jim immediately worked with the manufacturer to resolve all issues.

I would give Creative Media Designs the highest marks for service, communications, and most importantly integrity. They stand behind the products and services they offer.

- Jack B.
Coral Springs, FL

A great company. They care about their work.

This my second home Creative Media Designs has done. From the ownership down, they are very hands-on and involved. I like super high-end gear, but I do not feel like they are the type to over sell. In fact, they actually tried to sell me a system that was very good for the price until I told them I wanted an even more high-end system. They are very fair and they care about their work. If something is not right, they come right back to fix it.

It has been 2 years since they installed all the gear in my second house, and they provide service when things need changed or updated. We have power outages in Florida, and they are always very quick to respond when we need them to service our system. They always make it out in a day or two.

Over all, they are a great company and their people are very respectful and responsible. I have never felt the need to watch over them. I feel they are very trustworthy. They care about their company and they care about their work. I cannot say enough about them."

- Dean K.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I would definitely use them again; they delivered exactly what they promised.

Creative Media Designs installed a complete sound system with televisions and speakers, inside and outside. They were available when Direct TV came out, and Creative Media Designs let them know where to run the lines.

They helped Direct with the boxes and made sure all the lines were run correctly. They called them and even let them know what equipment they needed. They really did everything. I wasn't even home.

It was my first time using Creative Media Designs and it was great. I think they are really good. There were no hidden costs, and they never came back to tell me they couldn't do something. They did everything exactly as they explained, and it turned out exactly as they said."

- Carey P.
Boca Raton, FL

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