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Florida Home Theater Design: Tips For the Ultimate Experience!

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Florida Home Theater Design: Tips For the Ultimate Experience!

As home cinema technology continues to get more advanced, the possibility of having a home theater starts to sound more tempting to increasing numbers of home owners. Why pay outrageous prices for popcorn and bad hot dogs while listening to children cry throughout the film, when you can do it all from the comfort of your own home?

Creating a new home theater design isn't something to rush into. There a multitude of decisions to make in terms of what features you would like to add. Hiring a home theater and automation specialist like Creative Media Designs can assist you in the process.  
If you're interested in incorporating a home theater design into your home, here are some factors to consider before implementing!
Important Elements of Home Theater Design
  • Aspect Ratios: As you investigate which projectors and screens are right for your home theater, pay attention to the aspect ratio, which is simply (long side: short side). A 4:3 screen is a typical old-style television, whereas 2.35:1 is the traditional size for widescreen films. A wide screen ratio is best, if you have the room for it.


  • Lighting and sound: Your home theater’s lights and sound system can be automated to create a unique ambiance when a film starts. Home surround sound systems can include floor standing speakers, in-wall speakers, and on-wall speakers. Most homeowners today prefer their speaker’s to be hidden from sight while still delivering high-quality sound.


  • Theater seating: This is your chance to enjoy your films in comfort. Your home theater can be designed with leather seats complete with cup holders, or you can give it a more casual feel by designing it with couches and bar stools. Whatever your preference may be, your home theater will be way more comfortable than going to the multiplex.


  • Home automation: Why stand up to change your settings when you can use a home automation system, such as from Crestron? Integrating home automation into your theater design can allow you to create a room that transforms into a movie theater at a touch of a button, including automatically adjusting your lights and sound levels.

Crestron iPad App Home Theater Demo Video




  • A media server: Another perk to a home theater is being able to store your films on a media server, like the offerings from Kaleidescape. You can store dozens of movies on a central server, and even choose which one to view from using a smartphone or tablet. If you are using a Crestron control system, all of the home theater elements including the Kaleidescape system will be easily controlled from one touch panel interface.

Kaleidescape Demo Video


Key Takeaway: If you want to design the home theater of your dreams, it's easy today. It's a luxury, but if you're a true movie fan, it's one that's well worth the expense.


Creative Media Designs has been designing home theaters and home automation systems in the Boca Raton area  since 1996.
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