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Boca Home Automation: Touchscreens, Keypads and Handheld Remotes

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Boca Home Automation: Touchscreens, Keypads and Handheld Remotes

When homeowners approach us about installing a home automation system, one of the first questions they ask is how will it be controlled? Luckily, homeowners have a wide range of options today. At Creative Media Designs, we custom design all electronics to fit into the lifestyle of our clients.

We learn their likes and dislikes and work along side designers and architects to best accomplish our client’s goals. When recommending and implementing the proper control devices, there are several options available on the market that we choose from. Lets take a look at several options.

Home Automation Control Devices

  • Touch Panels:They're new, they're slick, and chances are you still think they are a pretty neat idea. Touchscreens like the Crestron’s new TSW can be embedded flush in a wall, or can be mounted conveniently in high-traffic areas. These devices can give homeowners an easy touch-based control of all of their home automation features through a high-resolution screen.
  • Smart Devices: Easy-to-use software from Crestron allows homeowners to turn their phone, tablet, or other "smart" mobile device into a portable remote control. They can change settings on the road, so their home is ready once they arrive!
  • Keypads: OK, physical buttons may be going out of style, but a traditional keypad can still get the job done. Keypads can be used in a number of ways. However, they are ideal for controlling lighting scenes and motorized shades. Furthermore, keypads add redundancy to a home automation system.
  • Universal remotes: Universal remotes are ideal for single rooms to control audio and video in a home theater, media room, living room or bedroom. There is still nothing like well designed handheld remote control! 
  • Waterproof remotes: Homeowners can now control their entire home from their shower, pool or Jacuzzi. With waterproof remote controls like Crestron’s UFO, homeowners can access their automation features from any place in their home including sitting by the pool.A matching waterproof docking station allows for charging in damp conditions as well.
Homeowners, interior designs and architects should do their research before deciding on a qualified home automation specialist. It is of the utmost importance to check out a contractor’s programming and graphical user interfaces. If the programming and user interface is bad, all control devices can be rendered useless.
Key Takeaway: There are a number of control options that are on the market today that can enhance the way homeowners live their lives! At Creative Media Designs, we are exciting about helping homeowners choose the best solutions for their lifestyles.
Creative Media Designs has been designing home theaters and home automation systems in the Boca Raton area  since 1996.
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